Marielle Rivard

Psychologist, D.Ps.

Engaged in Research-creation & Artist

Marielle Rivard completed a fellowship in art therapy, as well as a doctorate in Psychology at University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She specializes in complexe trauma, she currently works with a multicultural and neurodiverse clientele.

She is the Founder of La terre de Marielle.


She offers creativity classes, traditional psychotherapy sessions and non-verbal psychotherapy, using the arts as a mode of emotional expression and research method.

She is invested in many research themes using art as a method of research, engaged in research-creation and studying the topics of schizophrenia, the experience of psychosis, resilience & creativity. 

Marielle works for Doctors of the World, the Red Cross, IVAC, child protection services, Veterans Affairs Canada and in the public system as a consultant and external specialist requiring complexe interventions. 

For more details on my academic, professional background and past experiences, visit my LinkedIn profile

She believes:

"Art is a truthful knowledge."

What is psychotherapy?

The development of better comprehension. Self. Your story and its impact on the present. Working together on thoughts, behavioural patterns and repetition. Dialogue & communication.