Marielle Rivard

Psychologist, D.Ps.

Engaged in Research-creation & Artist

Marielle Rivard completed a fellowship in art therapy, as well as a doctorate in Psychology at University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). She specializes in trauma, she currently works with a multicultural and neurodiverse clientele.

She is the Founder of La terre de Marielle and believes that we can all help in a diverse way.


Therefore, she offers creativity classes, traditional psychotherapy sessions and non-verbal psychotherapy, using the arts as a mode of emotional expression and in the therapeutic process when wanted & needed. 

She is invested in many research themes using art as a method of research, fully engaged in her own research-creation process.

"Art is a truthful knowledge."

What is psychotherapy?

The development of better comprehension. Self. Your story and its impact on the present. Working together on thoughts, behavioural patterns and repetition. Dialogue & communication. 

I am a therapist that mainly intervenes in a humanistic and existential approach, but that also believes in the use of different interventions for unique difficulties and situations. My presence as a therapist is both participative and active, using my own subjectivity in relation to yours to create change. In the therapeutic space, The value of all your questions on life, the world and existence will be addressed with great consideration. Artistic media or tools may be integrated into the psychotherapeutic process at any time depending on your needs and openness to different means of communication.


I work with a clientele of all ages (adolescents, adults and families). For more details on my academic, professional background and past experiences, visit my LinkedIn profile

Price: 100$ for one-hour session.

*Receipt given for reimbursement by your insurance.

**Possibility of reduced-rate for people with low-income revenue or facing difficult financial situations, including COVID-19 economic impacts.  

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